Misdials and Rock Stars

I’ve been awake since 0430hrs. My Dad apparently misdialled our home phone this morning. It initially scared the shit out of me. I was coming out of my drug induced haze and was running through scenarios of reasons why the phone would be ringing at 0430hrs. My first thought was Zach (still a little PTSD there) and then for some reason I thought “maybe it’s a specialist”. Huh? Yeah, I know. Doesn’t make sense. Anyways, since my drugs were wearing off and I had that brief surge of adrenaline, I figured I would get my day started. No worries Dad. Love you. Shit happens.

We managed to get an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon at 1300hrs today. Apparently he is good but arrogant and abrupt. As long as he is good and can fix me I can handle the personality or lack thereof. I’m bracing myself for the inevitable bleak news that I’ve come to expect from specialists. It’s almost as if it’s an ego mechanism – they give you the worst possible outcome so that if they fail they can say “I warned you”. But if they in fact succeed, they look like rock stars. Let’s hope this guy ends up being a legendary rock star.

Now I’m going to go back to listening to some Nirvana and maybe a little Foo Fighters before the kids get up for school.

More later…

9 thoughts on “Misdials and Rock Stars

  1. Hey Ben😀 I can see dad doing that… Hahaha! Cameron butt dials me or the kids all the time. I will be with in spirit with my supercape on ! Keep rocking to the tunes🎶👍 love you your big sis michelle


  2. You already know that nothing the specialist can dish out will be a match for my charm and wit, and my ability to win doctor’s over. I’ve got you. Always.

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  3. Ben, I totally hear you on that worst case scenario plug from the surgeon. My urologist laid a number on me so bad frankly he scared me off of it entirely. At least in my case external bean (radiation) therapy has advanced enough in its treatment that it is considered a viable an alternative. So for now, that’s the direction I’ve chosen. When, through active surveillance, it’s determined I shouldn’t delay any longer, that’s when I’ll be tested as you are now. I wish you good sleeps Ben. Know that your strength will give others courage.


  4. I guess it is normal for surgeon to be arrogant as they think they are God, and sometime they are. It must be very difficult in a city like Vcr, where no one really know who these doctors are. On the other side of the spectrum, In a small place like Bathurst, these situations are more easily manageable because we know them personally. However on the other hand, in the big city you would think that they would have the best surgeon and medical facilities to proceed promptly when they encounter such situation. My feeling is that, and I may be wrong, this feeling is also from the wisdom of my Doctor friends that if this was urgent, this would have been Identified as a priority and the work would be done asap. They seem to think that time is not of the essence here. When things are set up and the team is convinced that it must be done now, things roll pretty fast. Food for thought. You are all on my mind constantly. Be strong and have faith that things we be of.k. Love Dad. XO


  5. Thanks Dad. Sometimes I feel good about it and sometimes not so much. It’s only been 16 days since my diagnosis and my mind is still spinning.


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