Spending Time With The Kids

I had a great day with Zach on Sunday. He finally got a start date for his job but was told he needed his own chef’s knife. I remembered seeing a cooking store that I always wanted to check out in Vancouver, so we went there. Sure enough, they had everything a cooking heart would desire. We picked up a reasonably priced chef’s knife and spent an hour roaming the aisles and looking at all of the other cooking toys. We spent the drive to and from Vancouver listening to one of my favourite podcasts: The Fighter and The Kid. We laughed our heads off. It was fun.

Sunday night Raegan and I decided to go and see the movie Insurgent (part 2 of the Divergent Series). We watch the first one together (Divergent) and enjoyed it so much that we thought Insurgent was worth going to see. I always have a great time with Raegan because she always laughs at my stupid jokes. And let me tell you, I can be pretty stupid. He we are being all gangster with our 3D glasses.


Next up is Jaime. Yes she got her “L” (learner’s permit) last week. Now she’s always begging to drive. So I indulged her last night and let her drive to Volleyball practice. Raegan was asked by Jaime’s coach to join last night’s practice so I made sure she was strapped in. It was a bit of a harrowing experience but she did ok. Luckily, I have a background in driving instruction (although Wendy doesn’t seem to believe me) and am a patient instructor.


She does need to work on her parking skills…The back tires are up on the curb!


All in all, I think I made some pretty awesome kids. Thanks for incubating them for me Wendy!

4 thoughts on “Spending Time With The Kids

  1. My hair and fingernails are finally growing back from teaching Emily how to drive! Chris was a breeze. Maybe it’s a mother daughter thing?? That was one task I really wish Norm was here to take on!! Sounds like you had a nice normal weekend with your off spring. Pretty sure Wendy’s role was a wee bit more than incubator 🙂 Chris has prom this weekend and Emily is just finishing exams for second year at UNBC. some days I just feel so confused wondering where all my precious days with my babies have gone. Damn time flies by. Emily moved out this year, and come Sept Chris will hopefully be in university in Vancouver (still waiting for acceptance letter). Mommy’s nest will be empty. I am sure Murray will keep me occupied but I think it will be really hard regardless. Think about you guys everyday. Thanks for posting your weekend adventures!

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  2. Sounds like a perfect day – the kind of day that creates memories you can draw on for inspiration when you’re feeling a little down. I wish you many more inspirational days 🙂

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  3. That reminds me the time you joined uncle Larry and I on our return journey from our month long sailing journey after the Olympic 76, you sailed with us from Sorrel Quebec to Platsburg, New York in lake Champlain. If you don’t remember, I will sen you a picture. You were only 7 year old. How do time flies however memories remains. I am still smiling when I tried to put you on skates in vile Lassale, you wanted them off immediately as you found them too slippery,,,lots of laughs at that time. Love you man don’t let go, keep the spirit up, we are all behind you xoxoxo Dad


    • I’ll never forget those days. They were awesome. I think we went through some canal locks which I thought was the coolest thing ever. And I believe I got knocked off the boat by the boom. It was an awesome adventure!


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