Fear not…


How did I ever get so lucky as to have this bunch of awesomeness around me?  We have certainly had our fair share of challenges, but really….how many people in this vast world would give anything to have what we do?  A lot, I’d venture to guess.  I think all the past challenges were just prepping us for this one….the one where we get to be the rock for once, instead of leaning on Ben.

While I really don’t like that fact that Ben has to go through this fear, and this treatment, I’ll tell you one thing…..I can stand it. For him, I can do anything.  So bring it on….I will definitely not be defeated.  After all Ben has done for us for half of his life, I can certainly withstand this little test for his sake.  So can the kids, because they are Ben’s kids and he taught them well.

Lean on us, love.  We’ve got this one for you.  You’ve only got one job to do, and that is to heal your body.  The rest is up to us and we will not let you down.


Loving you every minute of every day,

Your bride

2 thoughts on “Fear not…

  1. You have a lovely loving family. It is very normal to be scared about what they will do to your body in the hospital but remember it for the good of you and your dear ones. They will make you better and this is what you must Instil in your mind for the benefit of your body and mind. I am here but you are on my mind all day and part of the night. I am looking forward for my steak on the BBQ this coming summer. Looking forward to see you, Wendy and the kids love Dad. XO

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  2. That is a whole lot of awesomeness on one small corner of the couch! Love you guys and cheering you on ALL THE WAY! Go Ben Go!


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