The plan, it is a hatching…

I am writing this at just about midnight, having just returned home.  Ben was admitted to Surrey Memorial Hospital today due to an obvious deterioration in his condition.  He is finding it difficult to walk (as he mentioned in his previous post) and tends to look like he’s just polished off a 40 of rum when he’s walking.  (Haha.  He’s going to love it when he reads this one!).  So we made it into one of the rooms in Emerg, and Ben just crashed from the pain and the exhaustion:


But then lovely Nurse Tracy arrived, and she told us all about how she could take the pain away.  Dear, dear Nurse Tracy.  Getting prepped for those pain meds made Ben pretty happy:


Well, NOW he’s feeling pretty good, so why not get up and make a pit stop so that the whole of Emerg gets a vision of this little number in a short dress….

IMG_0660 (1)

There’s my man!  Amazing what some good drugs and cute nurse do for getting a man smiling again.  lol.

So once he got settled in, various people came to check him out.  Three different doctors and a few nurses, and one person who took a lot of blood.  One of the doctors decided to get to know Ben rather intimately and cracked jokes the entire time while doing so.  If I hadn’t been laughing so hard I would have taken a super cute blackmail photo for the blog.

In any case, when all was said and done, we now seem to have a tentative plan.  I believe (but don’t hold me to it) that an attempt will be made tomorrow to get a CT guided biopsy of the metastasized  site.  That will be followed by radiation to zap that bastard tumour out of Ben’s butt.  (haha…he’s also going to love to read that.  He says that other people get ‘cool’ cancers and he gets stuck with ‘ass cancer’).

Dr M (spinal surgeon who is not able to operate) spoke with Dr F in Vancouver (who is the one guy that may be able to operate, if that turns out to be the best option.  I doubt if surgery at that site is the best option, but we’ll see).  In any case, Dr F thinks that the tumour may require a ‘special’ radiation treatment that can only be done in Vancouver.  How fitting that my Unique Ben needs a Unique radiation treatment that requires ongoing commuting to Vancouver.  He just can’t do anything the simple way, my guy.  No normal radiation for him.

Dr F is trying to expedite the biopsy which may be done at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver.  We will find out tomorrow.  It is possible that they will radiate the crap out of that tumour, and then leave it to see what happens (and remove the kidney, of course).  I believe that chemo is a requirement after the kidney has been removed, due to the expectation that some rogue cells may escape during the surgery.  That kind of sucks, but so be it.

So that is pretty much the plan in a nutshell, which I realize is vague at best but a plan nonetheless.  So then we focussed on a little fun like this:


Yes, that is Beth who flew in from Alberta today to spread the love.  (Look at Ben just revelling in that hug!)

And then there was this:


As you can see, Ben has perked up a bit after the hug from Beth so he was warmed up for his picture with Zach.  The only one I missed was a picture of Ben and Ryan, who is also over for work and managed to stop in to say hello to Ben.  I was kicking myself afterwards for not getting a picture.  Ryan…if you’re reading this, head back to the hospital so I can get one!

Anyway, thats all we have for now.  He may be moved into Vancouver tomorrow.  We aren’t sure at this point but will let everyone know as soon as we know.

The plan, it is a hatching

10 thoughts on “The plan, it is a hatching…

  1. A plan, even a vague, tentative one, is better than no plan at all – glad to hear there is something in the works for you now.
    Stay strong and positive, team! We are all routing for you and sending positive energy and thoughts your way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Benny….your Dad and I are so relieved you are starting to receive the attention you deserve…..let the healing begin……your Dad shed tears of joy….we love you….xoxo


  3. Who woulda thunk Ben would look hot in a dress!!! Glad you’re getting some good drugs to allow some tolerable, upright moments. Those hugs work pretty damn good too!!! Glad to hear some discussions and planning are taking place. I continue to think and pray for your team working for ya. You’ve got some pretty awesome family and friends alongside with you on this too! Love it! 😊

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  4. you’re looking much better than a few days ago! must be the nurse. anyhoo, of course VGH is much more convenient for me than Surrey M so let me know what you need (besides my stellar wit and companionship).

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  5. You do have a great pair of legs! It’s awesome there’s a plan in place and that you’re sense of humour is very much intact! I’m so happy to see Zach looking so happy, healthy and as always, handsome! ❤️


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