Thank You

On this night, twenty one years ago, Ben took me out for dinner to Illusions in Sechelt.  Afterwards we went for a walk on the beach and skipped stones, and when I finally got bored and reminded him that Melrose Place was going to be starting soon, he asked me to marry him.

Fast forward twenty one years….

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It has certainly been a ride.  The Saint-Onge’s have never been without excitement of one kind or another, but we have had a lot of great times along the way.  I think everything along the way was preparing us for this time in our lives right now, because if there is one thing the Saint-Onge’s have learned how to be, it is STRONG.

The Saint-Onge Five have certainly become a tight family over the last 21 years.  Despite the bumps in the road, there is no one else that any of us would rather be with at the end of the day then ourselves.  We are the lucky five members of this exclusive club.

And so, to my husband I want to say “Thank You”.  Thank you for taking a chance and asking me to marry you.  Thank you for being the father to the three greatest kids to ever walk this planet.  Thank you for teaching them how to be resilient.  Thank you for loving me through it all.  And thank you for letting us now be here for you….for letting us be the strength you can draw on.

We all love you so much, and we are able to walk this path with you right now because you have been the greatest example of strength for so long.  We have learned from the best and the strongest.  We are so lucky.

Thank you, Ben.  I’m glad I missed Melrose Place in 1994.


7 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I’m very glad you missed Melrose Place too…because of that, the sequence of events to follow brought you here to us in Cloverdale. And that, MY FRIEND, is awesome. xo

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  2. I thought I was strong, however everyone I read your blog,I am in tears. Keep it up, I don’t mind crying it ixs healthy to do so once in a while. It help relieve the stresses of the day. Love you xo Dad

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  3. I just wanted to say you all are an inspiration !!! reading this blog just blows my mind in so many ways (you guys are both great bloggers by the way) You make me want to be a better person, be more grateful, kiss my kids and just enjoy life.. every ounce of positive energy and FUCK YOU CANCER energy are coming your way !!!! stay strong xo Robynn

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  4. I agree. What a wonderful blog. I love reading about the memories you have created over the years. Now stop being so sentimental. I am running out of tissue. We do not have kleenex, toilet paper or paper towels in Venezuela.

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