Radiation, Confirmation and Release Date

Just had my 4th radiation treatment – no signs of big green muscles yet. I don’t think the Hulk is in my future. A friend of mine suggested I try throwing a spider in my pants. I could end up being able to scale walls and jump really far, not to mention the extra strength. I’m opting out of that since spiders and I don’t get along – mostly because of me.

I met with Dr P after my radiation treatment. He said the lab confirmed that the mass in my sacrum is in fact cancer (so much for the hope that is was an old abandoned TimBit from my pre gluten-free years). They are just not completely done their diagnostic tests to identify exactly which type it is. Coming soon.

I think I’ll be released tomorrow after my last radiation treatment. It’ll be nice to be home, although I have enjoyed being taken care of so well in the hospital. Lol. I’ve been assured that I will be all set up with drugs and treatment plan when I leave. Wendy is looking into getting one of these adjustable Hospital beds for home use. It’s comfy and takes a lot of the pressure off of my sacrum.

That’s it for today. Radiation side effects (fatigue and crankiness) will be setting in soon. I don’t want to be blogging when that sets in. Yikes! Later

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