We Have a Plan, Stan…

Well it sounds like my oncologist, Dr K, managed to get ahold of his buddy at VGH and arrange for my surgery to be expedited somewhat. I saw the surgeon, Dr S, today and felt good about him right from the get go. So did Wendy. He was a very nice guy and appears to know his stuff. He is good friends with my oncologist and made arrangements to rush my surgery and remove my shitty, deformed kidney-like organic blob. He went so far as to show me what the tumour looks like, where it is, how it will be removed and what the incisions will look like. The incision will look kind of bad-ass so I’ll have to figure out a tattoo design or something to compliment it. Yay!

It sounds like a big operation (there is nothing small about my tumour) and should be complication-free, although I was warned about some sobering possibilities that I will keep to myself. He is confident it will go well. I would feel better if I could coach him through it a bit, but it turns out I will likely be asleep for the process. Let hope so!

I’ll have to stay in the hospital for about a week and then will be sent home to recover for 3-5 weeks before any other treatment will be considered.

My surgery is set for June 8, which gives me time for succession planning as I like to call it. No I’m not looking for suitors for Wendy, just making sure that if shit goes sideways, she will have everything she needs.

I have to admit that I’m scared but recognize that the surgery is definitely a necessary evil. Having met the tool wielders involved, I feel confident that things will go well and that I am in good hands. I am looking forward to moving ahead and getting this deformed mass out of my body.

The other tumour located in the sacrum is another story altogether. I will have to deal with that some other way. It’s in a very bad spot and could cause major life-altering complications if the growth is not halted. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this but Wendy and I have joined a cancer support group called InspireHealth.ca and will be following their life healing plan as a complement to the Western Medicine. Both my oncologist and my surgeon fully support it as well. I’m really looking forward to that process because it gives me a sense of control over the outcome. I will do everything in my power to make sure my body has the best chance at healing itself.

Wendy and I have also decided to participate in an 18 month study through the Samueli Institute. They will be tracking our progress through treatment in order to collect and collate the information and results with the end goal of being able to show what may or may not work in terms on alternative treatments. There is a lot of anecdotal “evidence” out there that ends up being downgraded to “medical mysteries and folk tales”. They are trying to make sense of it as much as they can to see if these miracle recoveries, remission therapies or modalities have real-life applications and are replicable. I am more than happy to be their guinea pig. Oink oink. Lol!

Well, it’s time to get my day going…later

23 thoughts on “We Have a Plan, Stan…

  1. I’m not scared of your surgery. This is what I’m scared of:
    (a) that you think a guinea pig ‘oinks’
    (b) that you made so many spelling / grammar errors in that post (if you can’t find them by the time you read this comment its because I couldn’t bear it and was forced to correct them)
    (c) that you are going to end up with a super hero scar that is far cooler then anything I have going.

    For the record (for anyone reading)….I also left the surgeon’s office feeling very confident. Yes, there was a bit of extra info he gave us but he also added that he did not believe it would happen. Neither do I. In fact, while Ben is in surgery I’m thinking of booking myself a spa appointment – that’s how confident I am. 😉

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  2. Big thumbs up to Inspire Health! That program sounds awesome. I love the focus on personal empowerment and choice – what could be more important than that!


  3. Yeah for the plan!! They always have to throw in the bad outcomes as that is the professional and responsible thing to do. If they didn’t I would be concerned. Good riddance to a bad kidney!! And…. Bad ass scars are totally HOT!!!! 🙂 thanks for the update. I check your blog several times a day as you are always in my thoughts. Hugs from PG


  4. Happy there is a plan. I have been researching scar tattoos already. Oh boy I have some great suggestions. Sorry Wendy they are pretty awesome. 😉. Thinking of you both and sending my healthy vibes your way.

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  5. (Wendy, perhaps you could consider badass branding to match his scar… How romantical! Ghag.)
    Glad a date has been set!


  6. Wendy….re: #2. There may be support groups for this disorder… 🙂 Truthfully I’m guilty of many of these infractions and have anxiety over a possible typo in the following list since WordPress wouldn’t let me post the image and I had to retype it. Is this possibly an Administrative control setting you are closely guarding to not allow us picture rights?!

    1. You use standard spelling, capitalization, and punctuation when you text.
    2. You have appointed yourself as ‘honorary proofreader’ of your friends’ social media posts.
    3. You know how and when to use ‘affect’ and ‘effect.’
    4. You feel compelled to correct poorly written public signs. It isn’t vandalism if you’re correcting it, right?
    5. The thought of posting a writing error online mortifies you.
    6. You have an opinion about the Oxford Comma.
    7. You follow Grammarly on Facebook and Twitter.
    8. You’re a regular contributor to the #grammar hashtag in social media.
    9. The sound of a double negative makes you cringe.
    10. You mentally edit all the books and magazines you read.
    credit: Grammarly

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    • Yeah but this time they are stabbing me right in the front. I’m going to have an upside V starting at my solar plexus. It’s gonna be badass. I don’t think S&P are badass enough to do that.


  7. Ben, you are so courageous and inspirational. And super lucky to be getting an upside down V! V for:
    Victory, against cancer
    Vanish, cancer
    Valor, You
    Vacation, deserve one
    Vendetta, against C
    Vegetable, eat more
    Veteran, when you are through this
    Vacate, bye bye kidney
    Volume, pump it up
    Visitors, you are getting lots
    Valium, just for fun
    Vanilla, ice cream
    Villain, cancer
    Virgin, not you
    Vomit, hope not
    Visualize, this being all over
    Vitamins, not a bad idea
    Volleyball, your girls
    Vacuum, no thanks
    Vegas, ya baby
    Vintage, wine to celebrate your
    Victory! (That one is good enough to be used twice.)
    And Vlchek :).

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