Inspire Health and Happiness Bombs

Wow. What a great couple of days spent at Inspire Health. I can’t possibly say enough good things about it. The LIFE Program was 2 days of presentations and exposure to a wide variety of services offered by Inspire Health. From Taking Charge of Your Health, Stress Reduction Techniques, Support Groups to Recent Research, Nutrition, Physiology and Group Activities. The staff was fantastic, the other participants were fantastic, the food was fantastic. I plan on attending as many Inspire Health activities and appointments as I can. It’s better than a home away from home. It’s great because everyone is in the same boat and there for support. It was simply awesome.

They even catered the two days with Vegetarian dishes. Yes, vegetarian dishes. Those who know me well, know me as a huge meat eater. I need meat with everything. Even with my meat. Well I thoroughly enjoyed the vegetarian dishes and plan on cooking and serving some at my next meal…right beside my charred animal flesh. Yummy stuff.

My friends who have been touched by that little bastard called cancer (you know who you are) and anyone who wants to be my friend (you also know who you are – but I don’t) should get there asses over to Inspire Health as soon as possible. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Onto my second bit of cool news. I “play” guitar. The reason I have it in quotation is because I don’t consider myself very good, especially good enough to play some of the gear that I am fortunate enough to own. Some days I play well, some days I sound like shit but on both days I thoroughly enjoy the journey that is putting notes together and making cool sounds. It’s my thing and I love it. I even listen to podcasts that talk about playing guitar. One in particular is called Chasing Tone by Wampler Pedals. I love Brian Wampler’s guitar effects pedals (I own 5 or 6 of them) and the three guys that run the podcast seem like great people all around. Brian Wampler (resident genius, company owner and guitarist), Travis Feaster (artist relations and amazing blues guitarist) and Max Jeffrey (witty co-host, blogger and guitarist…probably a good one too). Anyways, on one of the recent podcasts Max spoke of his efforts to purchase a certain guitar pedal that is difficult to find. He and Travis had found one but the seller was asking waaaay too much for it and it really wasn’t worth it, despite the fact that Max really wanted it, he couldn’t buy it. Well, I happened to be cruising our local Craigslist and just happened to see the exact pedal that he had been looking for. From listening to one of the earlier podcasts, I knew that Max had a recent battle with cancer and was now cancer-free. I felt inspired to drop a “Happiness Bomb” on him so I called the seller and bought it for a decent price. I then brought it home, tested it out (sounded awesome) then packaged it up and mailed it to Max. I included a letter introducing myself, explaining my situation and asking him to accept the gift as a “Happiness Bomb”. Kind of like spontaneously buying a stranger a coffee except it was a rare guitar pedal instead. I also told him I expected absolutely nothing in return.

Well. Max got the pedal today. It sounds like he was really happy. Here’s a copy of the email he sent me…



I just received your package – all I can say is WOW! The pedal is

incredible – I’ve wanted one for the better part of 10 years (and yes I am a

John Mayer freak. Lol.) But honestly Ben that’s not what I was the most

happy with. Your Letter knocked me off my feet! I hope you don’t mind –

but I passed your letter around our office here – and there wasn’t a dry

eye in the building – including myself. I am very blessed and very honored

that you chose to share your story with me. You have a good heart and I

know you will whip this thing!!! I expect a full report after June 8th!

(After you get some rest of course! 🙂


If you don’t mind – me and the rest of the staff would like to send you

out a little something. Nothing I can send you will ever be as cool as

what you sent me – but we want to say thank you from the bottom of our



I will need your t-shirt size (not the only thing in the box. Lol) and a

good shipping address for you as well.


Once again Ben, thank you for sharing your story. We are all pulling for

you and praying hard. Kick Cancer’s Ass!!!!



The funny thing is. I don’t really want anything in return. I’m just happy my package reached it’s destination and had the intended effect. Nothing can beat that! Happiness bombs all around!

13 thoughts on “Inspire Health and Happiness Bombs

  1. What a cool thing to do. I know in the bottom of my heart that it pleased you so much to do this to Max. As giving like this without never expecting anything in return is so rewarding and gratifying. I am so proud to be part of your life and as your father… well there no word to express how proud I am of the action you have done for Max. Love you Bud and see you this summer.

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  2. oh my lord. You and your dad have me crying before I go off to fight bad guys!!! Mother hell! However, I too will share your happiness bomb with someone that needs it today. And twenty gazillion happiness bombs your way…..I am off to kick ass. Just like you do everyday.


  3. wow! As much as I WISH I didn’t have to read your blog (because if you didn’t have cancer then you wouldn’t have a blog and I wouldn’t have to read it) BUT you and Wendy inspire me, help me put all the “shitty” tough things in life in perspective and just…well you guys are awesome! I think of you all every day and pray you will KICK THIS THING IN THE BUTT

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  4. Why did u wait to get cancer to be nice? (PS: Yes it is a joke, but it’s also for me that I’m saying that, I could start doing nice things like you and not wait until I get scared shitless from a disease or some other crappy event. Good job Ben and thanks for sharing)

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