Well, the Saint-Onge’s are prepping for tomorrow.  Things are starting to fall into place with a few minor glitches.  Nothing we can’t handle.

Tomorrow we will all make the trek down to VGH for Ben’s surgery.  We have to phone later today to find out what time the surgery will be.  We are hoping for earlier rather then later, as Zak was contacted for a University interview that has been scheduled for 3:15pm.  He was rather devastated to discover the conflict, but we told him that of course he must be there.  Life goes on, right?

So hopefully the surgery is in the morning and then we can bring him back for his interview, which he will nail, of course!  That was minor glitch number 1, but it’s straightened out now.

Minor glitch number 2 was Jaime discovering that she had made an error in her work schedule, and she works at 4 pm tomorrow.  Poor kid was horrified and scrambling to get that changed, but given that Zak has to be back at 3:15 anyway, she’s now going to come back for her shift and then I’ll bring her back to Vancouver afterwards to spend the night.  So that all worked out too.

Minor glitch number 3 is that Jaime suddenly and unexpectedly hurt her neck last night.   One minute everything was fine, and the next minute she was in horrible pain.  (I know that feeling.  Poor kid).  It could be due to the fact that she did this yesterday:

Yes, that is Jaime on the right after spontaneously competing in the Spartan race on Mt Seymour.  (Who doesn’t decide they would suddenly like to race in an obstacle course on a mountain?)

Anyway, she is currently in quite a bit of pain and unable to move.  She is laying on an ice pack, and can’t even take an Advil due to her allergy cleanse.  More about that later.

When we were at the hospital on Friday we had the anesthetist check the results of Ben’s PET scan.  He said there was no negative change since the CT scan…whew!!!!  As mentioned, I hadn’t wanted the results of the PET scan, but when faced with the fact that the Dr sitting in his office right in front of me knew the results, I just couldn’t resist.  I had to ask. I was so relieved by what he said.

So today we are all together as a family, with plans to go shopping for a suit for Zak (grad gift) and just enjoying each other’s company before our little world gets shaken up again.  Fingers crossed that Jaime’s neck issues work themselves out.  Honestly I probably would have taken her up to the hospital for an X-ray (she is in that much pain) if it wasn’t for the fact that we will be there all day tomorrow anyway.

I’ll leave you all with this thought that I am working hard to focus on each day:

Hug your loved ones.

Wendy xo

12 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Nice. Wendy gets the broken one… I would never send you a broken heart Wendy. That’s the kind of sister I am. Fingers crossed for an early time. Gluten free pizza to follow to celebrate.


    • I can’t tell what either of you are trying to send. Perhaps if you used iPhones like the rest of the civilized world we would all be able to see

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  2. Oh everybody loves replacing stupid IPhones’ cracked screens twice a year. Dumb junk, proprietary product! I almost purposely drop my Blackberry on the concrete regularly just to show off how my screen NEVER breaks! No bulky case required. Okay yes they are a little geeky, but my new red Passport actually looks cool and I get to keep my old school keyboard. Well enough bragging about my indestructible phone. I’m sure you are jealous and running out to buy one this afternoon. 😉

    Big, …or rather giant, …or actually enormous wishes for a perfectly successful surgery for Ben tomorrow. Try not to worry, this is routine for the doctors/surgeons and they’ll be good and rested and fresh Monday morning. It’s perfect timing.

    Congratulations to Jaime and I hope her neck heals quickly. You guys have quite the athletes there!

    ‘Kim V

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  3. Re: your previous post:
    I also have had enormous success with Naturopathic medicine and Bio-identical hormones. I feel like western medicine can fight and cure the big bad stuff and Holistic care can improve general well being and quality of life. And it certainly can’t hurt! Plus it’s empowering to feel like you have some control and can help make a difference in your outcome. Xo

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  4. well there sure is a lot going on. Wish I was there to say some stupid stuff and make you laugh. But I am sorry about Jaimie’s neck..poor girl. And Zak!!! wahoo! Go rock that interview. And for all of you blackberry user’s…I am so with you and refuse to give in to the iPhone pressure. I LOVE my blackberry. Not as much as I love you Wendy. But I do love it. Talk to u later..

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