‘Twas the night before surgery…

Yeah. I’m not gonna do that rhyme. It’s over done. Shame on you for expecting it.

It is in fact the night before surgery. T minus 9 hours almost exactly. I have to be at the hospital at 5:45 AM. I am told that there is a 2 hour prep. That can only mean one thing…an enima. Yup. Not looking forward to that. It’s kind of invasive if you know what I mean. But I’ll have to endure it, if I want the surgery and I want the surgery so…what do you do.

In addition to all of the well wishes and good lucks I’ve received today, I had a visit from my friend Jeff who has chosen to work in the real great white north for a few years. He is calling his home Iqaluit for the next 2 and half years – he’s only been there for 6 months. I’ve checked my iPhone app on occasion and have seen it dip as low as – 60 degrees celsius (that’s -76 degrees Fahrenheit for anyone who is not on the metric system). I’m sure it’s been colder. He’s on his trip out right now and gets to spend a couple of weeks here in BC and then a couple of weeks in Ontario before he heads back. It was good to see him.

I’m on a liquid diet today. I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed today’s menu but it hasn’t been too too bad. According to the hospital, pudding is considered a liquid, so I had me some of that. Butterscotch to be exact. It was very yummy. Wendy couldn’t even get mad at me because it was in fact on the menu. Boom! Other than that, I’ve been drinking water, coffee, apple juice and some Boost – meal replacement.

Well, I’m going to sign off lest I keep spewing out nonsense. Thanks to everyone for the good lucks and well wishes. I’ll be in the surgeon’s hands in about 11 hours. Then, it’s all up to him.

Talk to you soon.

8 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before surgery…

  1. Actually Benny I like the way you spelled it!!!! It is a shitty anyway. The vibes are on their way west as I speak. Nice sunny day east and similar westward I am sure. See you soon. By the way, I believe you when you said that you spelled that sht…..ty word incorrectly intentionally. Lol…. See you soon love dad. Xo


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