Long Day 

10:30 pm – Ben has not been well today.  He started throwing up early in the afternoon which was excruciatingly painful for him due to the incision on his stomach.

Since the surgery, his blood pressure has been too low and his resting heart rate has been too high.  Today his blood pressure improved but his heart rate has not.  He has had three ECG’s (all fine) and a lot of blood work.  His hemoglobin dropped quite low which apparently is not supposed to happen, even for people who are sick.  His oxygen levels also dropped way too low, and they had to put him back on oxygen.  

He has had a lot of difficulty staying awake today and has not opened his eyes for more then a minute or two at a time over the last ten hours.  This afternoon he was taken for an X-ray, and since then we have been waiting for a CT scan.  They are checking for a pulmonary embolism. 

He was sweating profusely earlier (but didn’t have a fever), but now that seems to have stopped.  His pain is minimal, as long as he isn’t throwing up.

That is the extent of the available information. He is being wheeled into the CT now.

11:00 pm – Out of CT and back in room.  Waiting for the radiologist to view the scans and advise.

11:40 pm – I just spoke with the doctor.  Ben had a blood clot in his heart that moved to his lung where it has lodged.  They are starting him on Heparin by IV to thin his blood, and in a day or two they will change it to an oral pill.  It is not ideal to take blood thinners after surgery due to a risk of internal bleeding, but in Ben’s case the benefits outweigh the risks right now.

They will monitor him for internal bleeding by doing blood work every six hours.  

He is not in any pain and he is well taken care of.  He is sleeping which is good…his body will heal while he sleeps.

The doctor said that if they did a CT scan on every person who had major surgery they would find clots in most of them.  Generally they dissipate on their own, but Ben’s needs a bit of help.

That’s all for now.  I will update as I am able.


7 thoughts on “Long Day 

  1. Thank sweetie for this update, I am sending so much vibes his way. I think that he will be fine, There are sometime some small complications after a surgery and they fade out slowly during the recovery period. Benny is strong and will come through believe you me. You guys are on my mind 24/7, love you and looking forward to seeing Benny up and around as I am sure you are also. love to all and the kids..


  2. My heart dropped as I read this Wendy . He is strong and will do well. Post surgery issues are the norm although not pleasant. Hugs ,kisses and love to all. love michelle


  3. Oh my goodness, what a scary day for you. I’m so sorry. Your nerves must be on edge. Come on Ben, squish that blood clot and start getting better. Crossing everything in hopes that today is a better day. Xo


  4. A minor setback fro now but I am confident with Ben’s strength and that of his family and supporters, Ben will be back in fine shape in no time. Congrats to Zak on his university interview. Great news.


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