The Worst of Times, The Best of Times

There has been little change in Ben today.  Opening his eyes and / or talking is exhausting for him, so he “sleeps” endlessly with just some brief breaks of semi alertness.  He hasn’t reached for electronics when I’ve been around, but I know he’s been able to send a few messages out.  Don’t be alarmed if his communication is lacking.

His exhaustion likely stems in part from the fact that he is constantly being poked and prodded and therefore hasn’t had deep sleep, despite having had his eyes closed for the better part of the last 30 hours.  (Well, that, coupled with the fact that his body has taken a severe beating.  That’ll do it too.  😏).

At times his lack of energy for communication is amusing.  For example, if he wants to hold hands he just flips and waves his hand around until he gets my attention, instead of using unnecessary energy to speak actual words.  He had me thinking he was trying to reach for something so I was offering up everything in the room (water? Cold cloth? Barf bucket?) while he shook his head in annoyance at my lack of understanding.  It looked like he was having a seizure.  How can I get irritated when he just wants to hold hands?  😀

They were unable to start the blood thinners last night while he had an epidural, due to an increased risk of internal bleeding,  so the doctor removed the epidural this morning and Ben started getting Heparin around 11:00.  Tonight they increased the dose of Heparin as it wasn’t enough to change the blood tests for the better.  They will test his blood again later.

(Earlier today I had a conversation with Dr B who said that he is not worried about the blood clot as long as Ben is getting Heparin. So that was comforting.)

Ben continued to vomit today and his stomach was very distended, so they placed an NG tube down his throat to suck up all the bile.  That seems to have helped and he is less nauseous and has stopped throwing up.  I will not gross you out with a photo of his stomach contents, but I will say that I never knew that dark forest green was a color that could emerge from our stomachs.  Blech.

Currently he is running a bit of a fever.  He is also really restless while he sleeps.  (You may wonder why I add this type of info into the blog….it’s so that I can keep track of what’s going and so that I have a record of it.  Otherwise I will forget. It’s not ALL about the reader! Lol)

Ben’s vitals were just taken, and again his oxygen is low (91) even while he is being given extra oxygen.  (The alarm goes off if you drop to 89.  He should be much higher, especially since he is being given oxygen constantly).  Also, his resting heart rate is even higher tonight – 131 and it went up to 134 while they were checking.  No wonder he is tired.  It’s like he’s in a race while he’s laying in bed.


Breaking news! Awesome Nurse Lorraine just came in and told Ben she is moving him to a private room.  Wahoo!  I think it was It was my wit and charming personality that did it.  (Either that or I am scaring the other patients.  Hahaha.)  Actually,  she wants him in his own room because the nurses have to check on him so much that it’s disturbing to his roommate.  (In reality, the roommate and his guests talk very loud and disturb Ben’s zen-like state, but either way it is Ben who gets the private room.  So, yay!  Sometimes you don’t need to achieve white shirt status to get the benefits.  Heh heh! You have to be a Mountie to understand that joke.)

Alright…that’s enough of the Worst of Times.  Now for the Best of Times.  Here goes.  This happened today…

(Zak is on the left)

That’s Our Boy!!

And…he was awarded a $500 scholarship!  AND I was told on the side that there is likely another $1500 in scholarships coming his way!  Woohoo!  He walks across the stage at the end of June right before the prom, which is when the other scholarships will be awarded.  FINGERS CROSSED THAT BEN CAN BE THERE!!!!  They are reserving seats for us right up front so that Ben is more comfortable.  How do you like that?!

Thanks again to Beautiful Barbara of Buchanan (an alliteration to amuse Language Loving Lisa) for taking time out of her work day to sit with her youngest favorite brother (😉 Brett) when I couldn’t be here.  And also to Jeff for skipping out on work at the taxpayer’s expense to sit with Ben for a bit.  I won’t tell.


One last couple bit of fun here.  This is Jaime and Dawson at the Athletes Awards Banquet last night:

And here is the athlete herself in action recently:

“Where is Rae?” you may ask.  Well, as many of you know, she is not fond of allowing me to take her picture.  Very frustrating.  So here is what I found:

That’s Rae in the middle

And that is also Rae, in the middle

Have a joyous evening!

Hug your family. XOX

18 thoughts on “The Worst of Times, The Best of Times

  1. 01:55 in the morning, although my son’s medical status has not change much, he is for sure healing from the inside out. Things will improved in the next few days and he will rest and will begin to speak. It takes a lot of energy to fight this out and he is fighting. Love you all, and you Wendy get some rest as you also need it. Love you all so much for looking after my boy. Regards Dad.


  2. I am glad that Ben is on the Heparin now😀he should begin to feel better soon. Once again a huge thank you to everyone helping the saint-onges out during this challenging time….it is so appreciated and I am enormously grateful😀 congrats to Zak on his accomplishments as well as the girls with volleyball. You are a trooper Wendy, get some you all michelle😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • No need for thanks – it’s all family and that’s what we do.

      I’m still at the hospital (5:20)… No change but he’s comfortable. I’ll be taking the girls home this morning (they went to the World Cup last night and stayed at Barb’s) and then I’ll be back later. I will update then.

      Enjoy the day. I hope you guys are getting some summer weather now.


  3. Wonderful, whimsical Wendy: your posts for posterity are punctuated by fragments of fascinating frivolity that focus on one fundamental fact: FAMILY is FOREVER!!! We do what we do because we love you two (a little rhyme just in time). 😉 😉 ❤

    Liked by 4 people

  4. The sun is shining
    Have no fear
    No more whining
    Cause Ben’s in the CLEAR!!!!

    I, too, bow down, Lisa. That was very creative. I didn’t expect any less from my very cool, capable, caring child who continues to dazzle us with her
    delightful dissertations. xox

    Liked by 2 people

  5. A stream of alliterations as well. Barb benignly watched Ben barf. Ben was very tired. Auntie barb will get fired. For spending so much time, thinking up lame rhymes, on the company’s time.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wendy: the dark green goo is the hospital food and Ben was holding your hand to communicate by osmosis his yearning for home cooking. By the way, your determination is truly inspiring, Ben is lucky to have you in his corner for this fight (being on the opposite corner must be hell 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. Thanks Dan. I do like to think the bad guys run for cover when I come after them. Haha. And I’m not fighting alone – everyone has had a part in this, but in particular Ben has a sister here who fights like Hell for him, researches the shit out of treatment options, and just generally does everything so I don’t have to. I can’t take credit for Barb’s efforts – and everyone else who’s done so much to lighten the load. (Also…my cooking SUCKS! Trust me – he is NOT yearning for it! Lol)


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