Father’s Day

I savour the little moments we can steal as a family when Ben has energy.  This Father’s Day was not about purchasing gifts that no one really cares about anyway.  It was just about finding ways to show our love for each other.

Zak, Jaime and Raegan each wrote beautiful, loving letters to their Dad.  I knew they were writing them, but I didn’t know what they said until they gave them to Ben.  I will not share them on this blog, but they were beautiful.

Ben has been extremely exhausted – asleep more often then he is awake.  It took me five tries to get a Father’s Day picture with his eyes open, but here it is:

Today I took Ben to our GP, and he had a blood test to check his hemoglobin.  Our doctor believes that it is likely that Ben’s red blood cell count is very low and that he probably needs a blood transfusion.  Unfortunately we did not have the results tonight, so we will wait until tomorrow and then (assuming our doctor is right, which I believe he is) we will go back to the hospital to get that done.  Dr B says Ben will feel better afterwards.  So that will be nice.  It’s hard to “move forward” when he can’t stay awake.  Yesterday he fell asleep and slept right through his medication alarm when I wasn’t here, which concerns me about leaving him alone.  The kids are great with helping, but we want them to go live their lives.  So we will all feel better when Ben has more energy.

On a happy note….today Ben received a card in the mail signed by his troop mates, and in it was a picture of one of them who had shaved his head as sign of solidarity.  That made Ben smile…especially because Andre still has all his hair when he’s not shaving it off.

Hug your families. Xo

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Love the picture! Ben you look awesome without the beard, I see my baby bro😀hope the blood transfusion gives you the energy reboot❤️❤️Get some rest Benlove to you , Wendy and the kids😘😘😘


  2. I’m sorry to hear Ben’s recovery is going slow and he may need a transfusion. But if so, hopefully this happens quickly so he can feel better and regain some energy. I think counting and comparing surgery recovery by the weeks as opposed to days is better. And next week he’ll be so much stronger than this week. And the following week even more so. Hugs

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