Profound Sadness and Extreme Joy Can Co-exist

It has been a long and exhausting week for Ben, but finally he received a blood transfusion in time to attend our son’s graduation.  Unfortunately, the transfusion was too late to provide him with any real energy for the occasion and he needed to use a wheelchair, but at least he made it.  (On the plus side, we got rock star parking and got to bypass the line, which is always a good thing!).

Here is what some of the evening looked like

And then there were these people who showed up to celebrate alongside Zak.  The handsome fellow second from the left is Peter.  Peter saved our son’s life.  Simple as that.


Pete…if you are reading this, we want you to know that we owe you everything.  You not only gave us our son back, but you gave us the best version possible. (I have considered the fact that you may actually possess some weird voodoo power, but at least you aren’t using it for evil so I won’t investigate).

You have given Zak what he needs to make it through this difficult time in his own life, and because we have our son back, the rest of us are also able to face this challenge with one less worry.  United.  As a family.  We would never have had that without you.   We truly can never repay you for what you have done.  Thank You.

So after the Commencement ceremony was a grad party, and then the next evening (tonight) was prom.  By the time Zak was ready for prom, the sizzling Latino vampire blood that had been transfused into Ben yesterday was finally kicking in and giving him some new found energy.  Which resulted in this:

And this:


And then just because we are so super proud, I’ll add a couple of these:

(Pay particular attention to those smashing purple socks in the picture above)


(Boutineer courtesy of Mama)

So there you go.  Watching Ben in constant pain breaks my heart, which was made worse when he was so low on energy.  But watching our son close a chapter on his life and step forward to start a new one filled me with joy.

As a parting note, I will point out that by 7pm tonight that donor blood was doing such a number on Ben that he asked me on a date, and off for Thai went we.  Check out the color in his face now!  He’s baaaaaack….

Hug your families.  Xo

11 thoughts on “Profound Sadness and Extreme Joy Can Co-exist

  1. I love you all!! Warms my heart to see these photos. And makes me want to do a little dance to Keith Urban ! I will practice so Ben can play guitar and I can dance next time I am out. Mad mad love to you my friend. xo

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  2. So proud of that son of yours.😘 as well as Ben too. You guys are amazing. Keep kicking butt. The pair of you. Tears of joy in my eyes as I look at your pictures . Your family rocks. Xoxo

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  3. My how time flies. I remember the day you laughed at Zak as he tried his best to walk in sandals. Now he has graduated with purple socks. Gee……seems not that long ago. Great to hear Ben is improving. As they say here “poco a poco” – bit by bit. As somebody said on your blog (sorry I can’t remember who), he is making great strides every week.

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  4. So happy that Ben is getting stronger and was able to enjoy those proud moments. Great family photos too. Also glad you two got out for a date. You most certainly deserve it.

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