The Reprieve – It Is A Endin’

Due to a world of hurt, I can’t stand reading this post any longer, and so I’m deleting it (June 24, 2016) with the exception of the pictures that I want to keep.  The only reason I’m noting the change is for my own recall later on.  This post was originally written at a time when Ben was in agony and depressed, but we had a reprieve from the cancer appointments with the exception of a CT.

Here’s what that appt looked like.  As always, Ben put on a smile for the camera:


I also had some smiles, which looked like this:


and a bit of bonding time that looked like this



Raegan refused to be photographed at that time, but I was awaiting her upcoming birthday because she wouldn’t be able to refuse pictures while she was receiving gifts.  lol

The below paragraph is the original concluding paragraph of this post.

Our reprieve from all things cancer is coming to a close, as we meet with the oncologist on Tuesday and he will tell where we go from here.  Obviously we need to get going on treatment, but I just want to freeze things the way they are and stay put in this little bubble we have created over these last two weeks.  The bubble is peaceful, and the bubble doesn’t let cancer in.  Cancer isn’t welcome here.”  Little did I know as I wrote that just what horrible news was awaiting us.

Hug your families tightly.  xo

6 thoughts on “The Reprieve – It Is A Endin’

  1. I thought you had to actually loose hair to wear a scarf? 😉 Good to know you’re having good times Ben, you deserve it.


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