Enjoying The Small Things

As I write this, I am enjoying a quiet coffee alone in the back yard, listening to the birds and the silence.

This afternoon we will enjoy a BBQ with some good friends and family, and just be happy in the sunshine.

Ben has an appointment to start chemo tomorrow.  Before that we will see our GP.  Perhaps Ben will inquire with our GP if he thinks Ben should follow through with chemo, or perhaps he won’t.  Ben struggles with deciding whether or not to ask the tougher questions.  I don’t blame him.

Whatever he may decide, I am with him every step of the way.

Have a beautiful day. Xo

7 thoughts on “Enjoying The Small Things

  1. I know that Benny will make the right decision. I have great confidence in his decision making process. On another note since B.C is so far away from the east, and too difficult to obtain salted herring, Benny I will send you a jar of it all prepared, marinated and ready to enjoy either straight up or dipped in sour cream, they are just scrumptious. I will get to it first thing in the morning an you should have it at you home by Friday via express post. Love you much Dad xo

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  2. As I read this I am enjoying a coffee in my house on this cloudy 17 degree day. I much prefer the weather in Vancouver with your company. Enjoy your BBQ with friends and family. We are there in spirit. Hopefully by tomorrow Benny will no longer have to struggle with the decision of chemo. Continuing thoughts and good wishes….xo


  3. Thank you for hosting Wenderella and what a lovely day to spend together laughing and forgetting the rat race and ongoing Bullshit of everyday life. My and my families thoughts and prayers are focussed on Ben and the challenges he faces going forward and for you all, I can’t imagine the roller coaster your family is on. I can only think of one analogy from my years of playing soccer that I heard from every coach; “fight hard, battle relentlessly and leave it all on the park!” Cal


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