Please, Live

Oh my sweet, sweet man.  How I love you.  What do I say to console you when you tell me you don’t want to die?  I don’t want you to die.

I want to save you.  I want to beg you, please don’t die.  I want to turn the page of the right book, at the right moment, and find the right cure.

I would do anything, go anywhere, pay anything.  You are everything to me.

I love you so.  Please, live.

16 thoughts on “Please, Live

  1. I am lost for words to describe my feelings at this time. Diana who is an excellent writer has put it nicely in her blog for both of us. Love is not a cure however it helps to deal with the process. Love you guys so much. Dad. Feeling very chocked up about this friggin cancer. XXXOOO.
    Ps. Benny don’t you leave me, I need another course in Thai cooking. To our next cooking lesson.

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  2. Wendy, I hope with all my heart you find a new clinical trial researching Ben’s type of cancer. God I hope there’s something out there. Europe? He just has to be the miracle patient. I’ll keep everything crossed some study/trial comes to light while Ben is still strong enough to travel. Biggest hugs.

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  3. One more day Wendy and we will be on the flight back to Van We will be back to help you snd the family in whatever way we can See you soon my friend!

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  4. I pray every night for Ben, you, the kids and our families to be okay. I pray for healthy mind, healthy body healthy spirit for us all. Ben you are my brother and I love you so much, keep the strength and faith, YOU are a MIRACLE and a MIRACLE patient you shall be. If you seem to attract rare complications, you are destined to be a rare success❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  5. I’m with your dad on this, Ben. You’re loved an awful lot in our home, as you know. Rob & I remain
    choked up on a daily basis. BUT, moving in a POSITIVE light, you & your dad need to come together
    again for round 2 of the Thai cooking lesson. As I recall after your first go round, you were eager to make a meal for us. I offered our kitchen which you dismissed immediately (“it only has induction” to quote you).
    So, bring on lesson #2 and bring on the ‘gas’ range. We’re waiting!!!

    Always sending positive vibes!

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