Some Good Days

So these are some of the things that have happened in the last week or so.  First of all, this lovely girl and one of her besties were off to see the Taylor Swift concert in Vancouver.  (Jaime’s third time).  I believe they had a very good time.  Huge shout out to Auntie Lisa who kept an eye on them for me (wink) and to Auntie Colleen who drove them all the way home so that I wouldn’t have to make the trip.  XO to you both.

IMG_1762 IMG_1764

Jaime (left) and Kailin  

While those girls were rocking the night away, this is what was going on at home:

IMG_1800 (1)IMG_1783

The Leatherdale Girls came to town! That is Jordan (left) with Raegan.  Ben was very happy too…

We had some good times over the weekend.  When Beth and Jordy arrived, Ben had not been feeling well since his last chemo treatment.  As you can see from the picture above, he was still “couch bound” when they arrived.  By the time the long weekend was over he had started to feel much better.  I should probably be insulted that it takes Beth visiting to make him feel better, but … whatever it takes. Lol.  Maybe it was the fact that Beth informed him that he is a difficult patient.  I think she may have threatened him with all sorts of nasty things if his attitude didn’t improve.  Haha.  Whatever she did, it worked, and this is what it looked like as he started to feel better:


Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and Beth and Jordy had to go home.  Ben and I (and Raegan) consoled each other….

IMG_1901  IMG_1899

Hahaha.  The Saint-Onge Family is apparently not capable of taking proper pictures.  Check this out….


That is Ben’s “model” pose.  His ‘Zoolander’ pose, apparently.  Yes, those are actually on purpose.

Even though Beth and Jordy had to go home, the good news was that Nancy and Jeremy moved back to Canada and now we are neighbours!  Wahoo! Last night the four of us celebrated with Thai food, and briefly contemplated taking one of the cooking lessons that Ben and his dad took at this restaurant.  Then Nancy and I gave our heads a bit of a shake and decided that Ben and Jeremy could do the lesson and we will just reap the benefits.

In all seriousness, I am SO relieved that Nancy is back, and to have her living so close now is blissful.  I am very, very happy.

Ben and I are off to see the oncologist in about 2 hours.  They have had some time to think about a plan, and I guess they will inform us when we meet.  We will also ask when the cementing of Ben’s pelvis is going to happen, because it has been bothering him quite a bit and was supposed to happen within two weeks.  One week has passed and we still don’t have an appointment, so hopefully we will find out today.

I wanted to write this post before we see the oncologist – its been a good couple of days and I think that needs to be appreciated all on its own without any of the other stuff mixed in.  And on that note, I will throw in a random picture of Ben with my beautiful Mama.  Can you believe she is holding a glass of wine?  In the words of Gramma…”I’m shocked“…. not.


Have a great day. XO

11 thoughts on “Some Good Days

  1. Oh Wendy and Benny….I am completely in bliss reading this blog. So extremely happy for you both. You have exceptional friends and family….tears of joy this time around…..wrap up this happiness and savor it forever….xoxo…..can hardly wait for Ben to return and read……great big hugs….


    • So happy to see these pictures with smiles on everyone’s faces. Looking forward to meet this Nancy. You have said so many good things about her, she must be a great person and without a doubt, she is. Benny is looking good. Just served a peuik with documents today, been looking for him for the past two weeks, dropped the papers on him in the middle of the parking lot at Sobeys. Just loved it.
      Take care buddy will talk later. Love dad, xo


      • I too look forward to meeting you on your next visit. Maybe we can do a group Thai cooking lesson? Or maybe the guys can do the lesson and us woman can have the wine nice and chilled for when you get home and the table ready for sampling the thai food!


  2. Loved hearing about your visit with that beautiful “breath of fresh air”/ “ray of sunshine” that is Beth 💞
    Awesome also to hear that Nancy is back!! It’s no wonder that Ben’s spirits we lifted😊
    Think of you everyday, sending positive energy n oodles of love your way……..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  3. Great post, Wendy. So many happy faces! and thanks for the Zoolander movie trailer! Thinking of you all the time. ( Bernie and Uncle Mike )


  4. I think your mom and my mom are kindred spirits….every picture I have of her, she has a glass of wine in her hand. We tease her constantly about it! I love all the photos of you guys being silly. Laughter and silliness is good for the soul. I can’t wait to meet Nancy and am so happy for you that she has moved into the neighborhood. Welcome to the hood Nancy!


  5. Thanks Paula. I look forward to meeting you too. Wendy has always spoken so highly of you. We are just getting to know the hood. Loving it!


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