Bad News, Good News

The bad news is that we showed up for chemo on Monday the 10th, but Ben’s white blood cell count was still too low they were unable to treat him.  The good news is that his white blood cell count was up from .3 on Friday, to .7 on Monday.  It has to be a minimum of 1.0 to go ahead with chemo (normal is 4.5 – 10), but at least it is improving.  His chemo appt was re-booked for Monday the 17th.  Hopefully his white cell count will be high enough to go ahead.  He wants to get the next round of chemo done so that he can have another scan and see whats happening.

The other good news is that Ben has a scheduled treatment appointment for Sept 9th, at which time they will cement his fractured pelvis, use cryotherapy inside the bone (we think) and do a nerve block.  Hopefully all that will help with the pain.

We went to the pain clinic this week and they suggested some possible ways to play with dosages of meds that might work a bit better.  As of today we have made some adjustments.  Hopefully that will help.  Ben had a few good days last week but the pain seems to be a bit less tolerable now, unfortunately.  Hopefully we can work that out in order to have some special time with the kids this upcoming week.

I am making some inquiries about fundraising so that research can be conducted specifically into treatments for Collecting Duct Carcinoma.  I have mentioned before that no one is looking into this disease because it is so rare.  Someone has to change that…might as well be me.  I have a few ideas and I will let you all know once I have things ironed out.  At least I would like to bring some attention to the disease that no one has ever heard of before.

Wouldn’t it be nice if enough money could be raised so that research could be done to benefit Ben?


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