Family. Chemo. Trucks. But Mostly FAMILY.

I think I mentioned awhile back that we had to cancel holiday plans this summer.  That in itself wouldn’t have been the end of the world (we’ve discovered there are certainly far worse things in life then a missed vacation), but this year we were particularly looking forward to our first vacation in years with Zak.  Finally, after so many incredibly challenging years during which we lived in constant fear of losing our son, life had turned a corner and this was going to be quite the celebration for the five of us.  So yes, in fact it kind of sucked that we had to cancel our holiday plans.

Still, there was no point in wasting tears over something that couldn’t be changed, so instead we promised the kids a “Stay-cation”  where we would explore Vancouver like tourists.  They handled the news like troopers.  (Duh…they are Saint-Onge children.  They are nothing if not resilient.  And besides, the girls had just spent a week at the lake with friends, so they knew better then to complain)   🙂

Saint-Onge Stay-cation was due to start on Monday the 17th, but then that damn cancer and that damn low white blood cell count got together to mess with our plans yet again.  Chemo was postponed – set to take place on Monday the 17th.  Sigh.  So that sucked again, but when life gives you lemons …. well, you know the rest.

Instead of making lemonade, however, we kicked off Saint-Onge Stay-cation on Sunday afternoon with a pre-chemo family bar-b-que.  And this time the entire family was there, which literally NEVER happens!  Thats right … Gramma, Grampa, Auntie Barbie and Makeda, Auntie Lisa / Uncle Brett / Brendan and Jenna (when does that ever happen??!!!) and all five Saint-Onges.  How about that?!  What a treat…

IMG_2131                      IMG_2146 (1)

Ben and Lisa                                                                          ……… and Grampa

IMG_2115                 IMG_2098

Grampa and the eldest granddaughters           …… and the youngest with their fishing catch

IMG_2155                IMG_2167

Barb and Gramma (why so frown-y ladies?)              Jenna and Zak ….. cousin love


 Grampa and Brett                         Lisa and Brendan                      Makeda and Zak

Somehow we adopted one extra for the evening …. who does he belong to?


… at least he made himself useful and acted as the resident hairdresser:


Dawson and Jaime

So much fun was had by all that we wore Ben right out!


On Monday morning we decided to brunch at one of the restaurants featured on Ben’s current favourite tv show, “Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives.”  Thats right … off went the Saint-Onge’s to The Red Wagon.


(Please ignore my middle child’s extremely rude hand gesture that I only just noticed now.  Its her father’s fault.  I tried to teach them proper manners, but apparently they follow the “Fun” parent’s example instead of mine)

The Red Wagon falls into the ‘Dive’ category, but I do recommend it for the food.  Not for the bathrooms (which were situated in the kitchen, and they stank something fierce), and not for the seating, and not for the lukewarm drinking water.  But the food was very good, and it was kind of cool eating in the restaurant that had been featured on the show.  Also, they post customer’s art work on their windows, hence this masterpiece:


From there we did a little shopping, followed by a little blood work at the hospital (white blood cell count up to 3.0), followed by a little chemo.

IMG_2253   IMG_2247   IMG_2259

Don’t you just love how we make everything a full family affair?  I think the staff at VGH shudders when they see the Saint-Onge name on the appointment list.  We are very loud.  Lol.

In any case, after the chemo we headed off home where unfortunately Ben was hit with the not so lovely chemo after effects within about six hours.  He started running a fever and his temp was high enough that we had to call the hospital to see if they wanted him brought in.  The doctor was really great on the phone and decided to let Ben stay home because the fever was more likely due to the chemo drug then an infection.  So I got to play ER nurse for the night, which would have been fun if it looked like this:

f9fac98960ae0d92bbd004e5c3dd233a but instead, it looked more like this  very-tired-woman1

By the next morning Ben’s body had decided to reject all food and drink, which of course made everything worse for him, including the pain.  So basically the next 48 hours involved sleeping, barfing, and trying to shift positions to find a way to sit that didn’t cause him to poke his eyeballs out just to distract himself from the pain in his lower back.  But now that two days have passed, he is starting to feel slightly better.  Which may have something to do with the fact that we went out tonight and purchased this new addition to the family:

IMG_2286 (1)

Thats right folks.  The Saint-Onge’s now own a really, really big pick up truck.  We don’t live on a farm.  We don’t have any hay to haul.  We really have no practical need for a truck.  But Ben has always wanted one and quite frankly I am sick to death of driving a mini van.  So there you have it.  We own a truck.

Ben is very happy, and I take full credit for that because I insisted we buy it.  Maybe later we can buy a farm to go with it.

My advice to you (no charge) …. Hug your families.  Buy a truck if you want one.  Hope that in your lifetime, you are lucky enough to be loved as fiercely as this:


Wendy  xo

16 thoughts on “Family. Chemo. Trucks. But Mostly FAMILY.

  1. I love that truck. I am jealous, enjoy it Benny, I had two trucks and I just loved them. Now that I am old, I reduced to an SUV. Do you remember Benny when we were going hunting on the Kedgwick Reserve. We had to cross the Restigouche River with my Blue Ram Charger, The current was strong and it was taking us down river into a salmon pool, just below the mouth of the Kedgwick River. You said dad there is water coming in from the door, more water came in, and we had to be towed out by our friend Edward Bechard who was hunting with us. We had a lot of white pinkish oil in the transmission but we made it through the week hunting. Those Ram are tough. Of course a new transmission had to be installed after that little trip. lots of laughs on that trip and enjoyed it very much especially having your with me. Love you guys, Grand Papa from the far away land. XO

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’ll always remember that trip Dad. Especially being stuck in the river! That was a lot of fun. I didn’t realize that you had to get a new transmission. I bet Mom wasn’t very happy about that. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • You got that right she was not very happy. Than God for Grammy Marushka, she thought it was pretty funny. Lots of laughs. You have even enjoyed eating beaver liver. It was a sure fun trip to remember.


  2. We aren’t hauling hay or living on a farm either but WE LOVE OUR TRUCK! Good choice with the Dodge Ram 👍🏻. Ben, I’m so sorry you feel so shitty after chemo. Let’s hope it does its job. Wendy, you amaze me with your strength. As always please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out. Sending love your way.


  3. Great pictures. Yeah you got your truck. I had always wanted a truck too and when I had to sell the house at least I got my truck. So I am so happy that Ben got his. it is a beauty. Maybe we can take them off roading sometime. 😉. You guys are always in my thoughts.


  4. So happy for you Ben! A truck😎 I feel bad that you reacted to chemo again, t hank you Wendy for being by Ben’s side. So happy that you had such a great time with the Insley clan. Very happy to have Benny blessed with an incredible family❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  5. Truck??? Now we are talking! You guys must drive it to alberta to visit me! Love the post…although dont love that Ben got sick from chemo. Mad love to all of you. Beth

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m so happy you all. You’ll be amazed with all the things you’ll find to stick in it. I love my truck dearly. It’s a RAM 3500 crewcab, just a step up from yours, but nowhere near as pretty. Expect to catch Ben just staring at it now and then, like Silvia catches me. Don’t be jealous, it’s a RAM thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It was fun on Sunday to have ALL the family together! Very difficult to accomplish this feat anymore.
    Had the opportunity last night to have a spin in Ben’s new truck. It’s HUUUUUGE!!!! I struggled to get in it, while Wendy actually fell out of it. No damage done (to Wends or the truck), but it was funny to see.
    Hope to see you zipping around in it today, Ben. xox

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I’m glad you guys are having fun with this sexy nurse roleplaying thing. Now Ben can play the pizza delivery guy with the new pick-up. (That was MY no charge advice to you, and I promise I’ll try this hugging your family thing you keep mentioning).

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m a bit disappointed. I think real trucks must have wheels taller than me attached to them and raised suspension. I hope that you plan on accessorize get that baby.


  10. That didn’t work out. I was trying to make a different face. Damn computer. Just imagine me sticking my tongue out at you.


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