Foo Fighters!

I just got back from the Foo Fighters concert in Vancouver. Wow, what a great show and I got to see Gary Clark Jr. who opened for them. I had tickets to see a Gary Clark Jr. show a couple of years ago but I missed it because of work so it was a bonus to learn that Gary Clark Jr. would be opening for the Foo Fighters starting with the Vancouver show.

I wasn’t sure I would be going to the concert because of the amount of pain I was in but things leveled off today and I managed to get it somewhat under control with meds. So I made it, albeit hobbling, and had to have Zak throw up blocks behind me so people wouldn’t bump into me. It worked out just fine and we had a few laughs over it.

Gary Clark Jr. was pretty awesome. He ripped on his guitar, which was drenched in familiar fuzz. He sounded awesome.


There were a couple of let downs though. First off, we had shitty seats for this concert. They would have been great seats if everyone had remained seated. But no one sits at a Foo Fighters concert. So I had an idiot across from me (and in my way) who was probably the Foo Fighters #1 fan. He stood the whole time, blocking my view of the stage and jumped around like a fucking moron all night – as if he was talking directly to Dave Grohl (lead singer) and that Grohl could actually hear him. Imagine one of those annoying #1 fans from a movie or TV show and it was that guy! I was ready to beat him down with a stick but instead I stood for certain songs and tried to see through this idiot’s flailing arms for others.


Overall it worked out just fine. I stood for my favourite songs and didn’t really miss too much. The band played a lot of my favourites. Almost all of them. I had one minor embarrassing moment – I actually burst into tears (heavy flow) during one of their songs. Luckily, due to our positioning, Zak didn’t see me and everyone else was watching the concert. The song was “Walk” from the Wasting Light album. There is a passage in the song that struck home pretty hard. I knew it was coming and could feel the tears and emotions spike as it drew near. Grohl sang the passage with as much force as he did on the album. It was great. For those of you who are familiar with it or have the song, it starts at around the 2:45 mark. Love that song.

They played for almost 3 hours straight and peppered their performance with renditions of some famous Canadian songs like “Summer of 69”, “Cinnamon Girl” as well as “Under Pressure” by Queen and a partial Van Halen song or two. It was a typical Foo Fighters concert (from what I’ve read) and Grohl pre-warned everyone that the Foo Fighters did not do encores. He said “we are not going to pretend to leave the stage and wait until you clap loud enough to bring us back. Fuck that. We will just keep playing until they tell us to leave. How’s that!!” To which everyone responded with a roar and they broke into another song.

Zak and I had a great time and I picked up yet another t-shirt!


10 thoughts on “Foo Fighters!

  1. Well now I’m forced to put Foo Fighters on my play list. I will acquiesce (did I spell that correctly?) to having that one song. I will forever see you and Zak smiling together when I play it. And I will think about how stubborn you were not to use me as taxi service to the concert. But mostly I will think of you and Zak smiling :). I adore you both.

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  2. Sooooohappy for you enjoying the show with your son. I understand the frustration with that a.h standing in front of you. I don’t understand why you did not change seat with him, that is him behind you, that may have solved the problem. However as you being the gentleman you are, you showed great control and by that showing your son the proper attitude to have when similar thing like this happens when he is alone. Love you guys Dad xo


  3. Glad you had an awesome time with Zak. I remember speaking to a few people at the movies when I was pregnant with Kelsey and when to see a Nicholas cage movie with Elvis songs. I could not contain myself and I asked them to be quiet so that I could hear the movie. You are much better than I Ben😀😎❤️


    • Are you sure they weren’t trying to do everyone a favour by talking loud enough to drown out Nicholas Cage so you wouldn’t have to listen to him? They might have thought that a Cage movie was bad for the baby. 😂😂😂😂


  4. Glad you enjoyed the concert. I Googled the lyrics to the song and read them. I was afraid if i listened to it i would cry. Nice lyrics. I may work my way up to listening to it too. Foo fighters..who would have thought:-)


    • My favorite part of the song starts with “Now, for the very first time…” You have to listen to it. Just reading the lyrics doesn’t give it justice at all. Dave Grohl screaming makes it all make sense.


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