Adventures in CT Scanning

Well today was the big day. I finally got my CT Scan to see if the treatment modalities had any effect on my tumours.

It was relatively uneventful. I showed up, they laid me down on the table that slides into the CT donut-looking machine. Then the two nurses tried to do an IV on my right arm – didn’t work. Then they tried my left arm – worked. They slid me into the machine and warned me that they were injecting the dye and I would be feeling “sensations”. I did feel the sensations, which felt like I peed all over myself. Yup pretty bizarre and totally accurate. Anyways…

Then they did the scan, which took all of 3 minutes (I was kind of pissed that I put $4 in the parking meter giving my an 1h20min parking) and said “Ok, we’re done!” Now here comes the reason why I used the word “relatively” in the previous paragraph. Once they rolled my table out of the donut it was time for me to get up. I was offered an arm to assist me, which I accepted. Who turns a pretty girl down? One, two, three and up we went. That’s when I let out the loudest fart you could ever imagine. The second nurse jumped and the one holding my arm started laughing uncontrollably. The second nurse smiled and said “Is that your final remark?” then burst into laughter. What could I say but “Whoops. Sorry about that. I bet that happens all of the time.” Then I joined in.

At least I left them with smiles on their faces. What better gift than a little stinker and a smile.

14 thoughts on “Adventures in CT Scanning

  1. I am a bit jealous that they too hear you fart!!! Its a new step in a relationship when someone farts in front of you. Which is why Wendy and I are soon tight :}


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