Encounters of Another Kind

So I’m sitting outside of the BC Cancer Agency in Surrey, waiting for Wendy to pick me up. There were some other patients waiting for a ride, or just out for fresh air.
We are literally surround by no smoking signs when what do I see but a couple standing there smoking. A little closer look revealed that they were both likely recently cleaned up junkies. By recently cleaned up I meant someone had done their laundry. It made sense because there is a detox centre nearby.
No one else seemed interested in saying anything so I decided to speak up. I said “Excuse me but don’t you see all of the no smoking signs around here.” The male shrugged and kept chatting with his companion. So I continued “Why don’t you have a little respect for people here and go smoke somewhere else.” Then he spoke up and said “Well you don’t have to be so rude about it. My uncle or something died of cancer you know.”
I responded with “Well there are people here that may be dying of cancer, why don’t you have a little respect for them. You’re standing outside of the Cancer Agency for god’s sake. How stupid are you?
At that point he started walking away laughing and said “Well I hope you’re dying of cancer. Enjoy the time you have left fucker.”
I said “I will. But I won’t live my last days being someone like you.”
That’s when he got angry and said “Someone like me eh! Why don’t I go over there and kick your ass!”
“Because you’re a coward” I said.
“Oh yeah! Well you’re fucking ugly! Old man!” He continued to talk trash as he walked away.
I stood there wondering why his comments didn’t bother me so much. I think it’s because of all of the kindness I received over the past months. I reminded myself that there are a lot more nice people in the world than there are shitheads like that guy.
Finally my ride had arrived and it was time to go.

21 thoughts on “Encounters of Another Kind

  1. I can’t believe that another human being could be so cruel. Reading police files for 23 years i am well aware of the really horrible things people say and do, but what an asshole!!


  2. Wow… daily the world has sparks of brilliance and black holes where rat balls
    like this guy will eventually meet his maker! I too had to pick my sister up from that
    exact place and saw the signs and people smoking without a care. Thank you
    for being that someone who said something. As for the dear sweet lady…
    I wish that clerk would of asked her Manager about what is available for support
    when it comes to parking costs…we can give parking vouchers for such needs.
    Social workers can be terrific at finding resources in a hospital setting. Thank goodness for people
    such as yourselves to make this world a brilliant place and not a black hole
    full of rat balls!


  3. Just the other day Wendy added me to this blog. I have spent the last few days reading through your blogs (feeling overwhelmed by your candour) and have to say you both are a testament to what the word family, love and support means. I truly mean that.

    Having said that … shit head is an overly kind term to be used for this individual and Wendy you never cease to amaze me in your actions. You are awesome and Im sure you made that lady’s day a little bit brighter.


  4. Ah Ben you are a great man….that jerk is an ignorant human being. As you said, there are more good people in the world thankfully… ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Wendy, Hope you managed to get into your doctor and thank you for being so kind to the elderly woman. she was and is in definite need of compassion. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  5. How crummy to have to encounter such a loser during an already tough week. Good for you for letting him know what a jerk he is. In my minds version of the story you do give him a ‘little’ kick in the ass though 😉


  6. Wait …. That’s the second time someone called you ‘old‘. Didn’t Bryan Callens elude to that? Ben, could it be that we are getting (gasp!) …. old?!!! Say it isn’t so!! 😏


  7. Hey, what’s wrong with “old”? It has it’s perks sometimes —– not so much when you’re standing in a very crowded sky train. It always amazes me how many people all of a sudden have the need to look down at their feet when they sense grey (white) power standing right beside them.


  8. Yea….you are both younger than I….that makes me ancient…careful…I may have to scold you…..being I am your elder…..nice sunny day here on the east coast…..it begs for smiles and a walk….sending it your way…..


  9. Ben, it’s Cameron. You are Clint Eastwood…with a little Yngwie Malmsteen thrown in. P.S. I wouldn’t know who Yngwie was if it wasn’t for you.


    • Cameron, since you don’t know much about Yngwie Malmsteen I’m assuming that you are not suggesting I am an overblown douche-bag that still wears leather pants that are two sizes too small for him. Because, for the record, I do not have leather pants.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. Oh I wanted to but he kept walking away while making the comments and there was no way for me to catch up dragging my friggin’ can around. Lol.


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