HER2 and Radiation

Ben started his radiation treatment yesterday which will hopefully (eventually) reduce some pain.  In the beginning I believe it can annoy the tumour a bit which causes it to hurt more, but then hopefully it will settle down.  The radiation also adds to Ben’s exhaustion and so, if possible, he is even more tired now then before.  And so our routine of sleep, radiation, sleep etc etc begins and will continue for another 8 sessions excluding weekends.

Yesterday I spoke with Dr K and received the unfortunate news that Ben does not express HER2.  That was very disheartening to hear. I was really hopeful that we would hear something positive.  Dr. K will be reviewing some of the clinical trials that Barb has found and emailed to him, and he will let us know by next week if there is anything that Ben can participate in.  Fingers crossed.  That will mean all sorts of challenges depending on location of the trial, with regards to the kids etc.  I have no idea at this point if it means flying elsewhere and staying for several weeks or longer, or if it means flying back and forth – I’m not even going to speculate right now.  There is no point in guessing until we even know if any of them are suitable for Ben.

That is all I have.  The bottom line is that Ben is receiving treatment just for pain at this point.  So all prayers are welcome.


3 thoughts on “HER2 and Radiation

  1. If you need to travel, we can look after the kids Wendy. I am also slowly figuring out where all the schools are so we can also take them to their games/practices.

    We are here for you.

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