Cordotomy Coming…

I finally have the brief opportunity to let everyone know what our week looks like before it actually happens.  Having said that, our best laid plans always seem to get thrown off, but it currently appears as though the plan looks like this:

Tuesday Dec 8 early morning – Ben will go for a chest xray and see the Respirologist in the morning for a follow up regarding his lungs.

Tuesday Dec 8 late morning – Ben will go to VGH to be admitted

Wednesday Dec 9 – Dr H will perform the cordotomy, which will go swimmingly well with zero complications and Ben will be pain free

Thursday Dec 10 – Ben will be released from hospital and will jog out to the parking lot while I struggle to keep up with his pain-free jaunt

Thursday Dec 10 – Ben currently has an oncology appointment and blood work scheduled for the morning in Burnaby.  He won’t be able to make this appointment so it is my plan to beg them to change it to the afternoon.  Fingers crossed.

Friday Dec 11 afternoon – second treatment of Nivolumab

Saturday Dec 12 – rest, recover, and revel in Ben’s lack of pain while the Nivolumab continues to course through his veins and heal his body.

Sunday Dec 13 – spend an hour in church appreciating what we do have, and thanking God for all our doctors, our family, our friends, the constant demonstrations of love, and all we have been blessed with in our time of need.

Gotta love Zak’s morning ‘Elvis’ hair

Thank you, everyone. xo  This is for all of you:


4 thoughts on “Cordotomy Coming…

  1. You guys have such a busy week! Please let me know if I can help out with the kids, or do your Christmas shopping or ANYTHING! I’m visualizing that Nivolumab killing those nasty little bugger cancer cells as it courses through Ben’s body. I’m so optimistic about the cordotomy – I have heard of it used before, with really good results. Fingers crossed. Sending lots of love your way. xo


    • I was able to change the appointment, so that is exactly what is happening. We will get him checked out and then head to Burnaby Hosp in the afternoon to meet the oncologist there and get his blood work done


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