Thank you to Christine and Rob who sent us in a limo last night to enjoy the Christmas lights of Surrey.  It was a great way to chill out after the  tough day we had. Ben had been unable to do the MRI earlier because he was simply in too much pain.  He ended up doing a CT, and we figured the results were less then ideal when the radiologist neatly maneuvered around our question “what did you see?”  She told us that Dr H would call us later. Hmmm.

Dr H did call later, but first we were treated to this:

Once we got home I spoke to Dr H on the phone and she explained that there had been rapid progression with the disease.  There is an additional large tumour in Ben’s “stomach” (not really his stomach, but I can’t recall the medical word she used).  Somewhere in that area.  As we later found out, there had been no sign of that tumour even two weeks ago.

This morning The Saint-Onge Five packed up and headed off to see the thoracic surgeon about the fluid build up in Ben’s chest.  He talked about doing surgery and told us it would be a four week wait to get the surgery once Ben made a decision to do it (if he decided to do it). Another option is to have a respirologist continue to drain the fluid like they did in the hospital.  We said we’d think about it, and we left.

 We drove down to see Dr H who had asked me to bring everyone in to see her today.  She said she would fit us in.  That is probably never a good thing when a very busy specialist offers to “fit you in.”
 Barb arrived at the hospital, and the six of us met with Dr H.  She re-explained what she said about the disease progression, and then she said (and I write this with Ben’s full knowledge and permission) that there is no evidence to suggest the Nivolumab is working, and if that is the case he may only have weeks to live.

We are shattered. Not The Titan.

18 thoughts on “Weeks?

  1. Shattering news…mom and and I and the rest of the family send our love and prayers as we process the news. We are heartbroken …we love you all 😔


  2. Wendy

    I’m heart broken and brought to tears with this latest turn for Ben. I’m an outsider peering in, not having seen you and Ben since we left Sechelt but yet my heart is breaking. You and your family are special and indeed “Saint Onge Strong.”

    My thoughts and prayers have done little, guess the big guy just ain’t listening to me. My words are of little comfort I know, but know that yourself, Ben and the rest of your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers.



  3. Heartbroken and scared are the words my father in-law spoke on Tuesday. He too was given the same news regarding his cancer. You are loved and thought of by many. I pray you find the strength as a family during this difficult time. Love to you all! Barb


  4. I wish more than anything that there was something I could do or say to make this better…but there’s not. This is devastating news and I am heartbroken for you all. Ben, keep fighting even though I know it must seem hopeless. Just know how much you are all loved by so many. I will continue to send positive and healing thoughts your way. Love always, your friends,
    Paula, Kelly, Kyra and Kelsi xoxo


  5. Our thoughts are with you and we are here for you. We can’t take away your pain but we can and will do whatever you need to help you through these difficult times.


  6. im so very sorry to hear this. 😦 There are no words to express how saddened I am that your family is going through this. Please know we are praying for you all. xoxoxo


  7. As I read this..my heart hurts for all of you, was feeling hopeful and praying for you guys daily and I can’t just forthm this. I m so sorry to hear about this..I wish I could do anything to take away this . will continue to pray and sending love to you and family at this time. Don’t hesitate to ask for help..let me know if I can do anything. Love K and S


  8. Dear Ben and Wendy,

    I’ve waited a couple days to post, hoping that possibly the right words might come to me. Maybe something comforting and heartfelt. They haven’t. There are no words I can find to tell you how sad I feel and sorry I am for your family.

    This is a bitter pill to swallow. There is simply no sense in something so tragic and unfair.

    Just sending love and hugs. ♥️

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  9. There really are no words, Wendy. I am so sorry. Know that I’m thinking of you and here if you want to talk or need anything. Much love, Gilly xo


  10. fuck it. You guys are awesome. Writing this with a couple of very strong, pre Xmas rhum and cokes. Coke as in the drink. Everybody loves you. Nobody knows what to say. So have a drink! Or 3 drops, what the heck.

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    • Never mind, sorry about what I wrote, unfortunately Icant delete it. but it is still true that you are awesome. Just meant to say to enjoy life, even under the circumstances.


      • Hahahaha! What are you worried about… saying fuck it? Bahahaha! I laughed at your comment and so did Ben. Thanks for bringing a smile to our faces. We will have a drink – or drops – why the hell not?! haha


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