Wait…What? GOOD News?

Can it possibly be a tiny little Christmas miracle?  Why yes, it can! But first, a few pictures from our Sunday breakfast with Santa, courtesy of Mom and Dad …

Yes, Zak was missing – he had to work.  And none of my pictures with Mom and Dad turned out.  But it was a delicious meal and nice to be out with the family, so thank you Mom and Dad!  It was great timing, as Ben had had a rough few days and was just starting on an upswing.  We went home afterwards and he rested …


Now, about this good news!

Yesterday Ben and I had no less then four appointments in a row  throughout the Lower Mainland (five if you count the fact that we had to renew the handicap pass), and at not one of those appointments did we receive any bad news.  So I consider that GOOD NEWS!

The first appointment was for blood work, and since no one mentioned anything about the results it is safe to assume that there were no significant or scary changes.  Good News #1.

The second appointment was with Dr Y, the oncologist in Burnaby who gets the final say each time as to whether or not Ben will receive another dose of Nivolumab.  First of all, he noted that Ben looked significantly better this appointment then he did at the last one.  Which is true.  Over the last three days or so his overall wellbeing has definitely improved. And he gets another dose! Good News #2.

Next … Dr. Y gave Ben a quick ‘hands on’ check and said …. wait for it…. that his liver felt smaller yesterday then at the previous appointment.  Yay!!!!!!! What he actually said was “I’m not a CT machine but your liver feels smaller.”  So I said, “Wait … you’re NOT a machine?  Cuz I totally thought you were a cyborg because you have no feelings …”  Kidding.  I didn’t.  But I thought it.  And then I focused on the fact that BEN’S LIVER FEELS SMALLER!!!!!!!  Good News #3.  We left Burnaby General with a jaunty skip in our step (or walker.  Lol).

From there we went and renewed the handicapped pass, which I dream of cutting up into teeny tiny pieces and throwing it into the wind.  Hopefully that will come later.

Off to VGH we went, where Ben had an ultrasound to check on the fluid in his stomach to see if it needed to be drained.  And lo and behold there is no increase in fluid.  In fact, there is hardly any fluid there at all and there is no need to drain!  And maybe, just maybe, it will reabsorb itself into Ben’s body. Good News #4.

Down the hall we went to visit with Dr K.  He was almost on time yesterday.  Good News #5.  OK, you may be thinking that I am pushing my luck by labelling Dr K’s promptness as a good news point, but if you had been sitting for hours at appointments on a regular basis, month after month, you would consider that good news too.  So…. Good News #5!

And then, in walked Dr. K.  And he was pleasantly surprised to see how good Ben looked, and commented on it too.  He also commented on the fact that I was laying in the bed and Ben was sitting in the chair, but gimme a break …. I’m tired!

Our meeting was brief and when he looked at previous scans he commented that the tumour in Ben’s “stomach” (I still can’t recall what its called where they actually found it) could in fact have been there before starting the Nivolumab.  Which means …. wait for it …. that, at the very least, there is no reason yet to assume the Nivolumab isn’t working!  Woo hoo!  GREAT NEWS #6!

So there you have it.  A Christmas Miracle that will allow us to enjoy today and tomorrow and appreciate all our blessings.

May you all be very blessed this season, and take a moment to remember why we celebrate.

Luke 2:10-11 But the angel reassured them.  “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord”.



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