Four Short Months Ago …

Four short months ago I wrote a post entitled “Fear Be Damned.”  Check it out if you need to refresh your memory.  In that post I mentioned that Dr K had walked into the oncology appointment that week and commented on how awesome Ben looked. Sigh.  Ben did look awesome.  Hard to believe it was only four months ago.

That same week he took Zak to buy his first car, which looked like this:


That was a good week.

Three short months later we found ourselves spending as much time together as we could in Ben’s last few days.  I turned on the video camera four days before Ben passed away, while he was listening to “our” song

I think I previously mentioned that a couple of weeks before Ben passed away, Zak was in a car accident and his car was written off.  It was bitter sweet recently to take this photo of him with his newly purchased truck. It was so great of my Dad to step in.  But every time I look at this picture I am struck by the fact that so recently it was Ben who stood by Zak.  That makes me very sad.


Below is a link to a song by Pearl Jam that was played as we exited Ben’s service.  “Just Breathe.”  I listen to it every day.

I miss him so much.

Hug your families tight.  xo


5 thoughts on “Four Short Months Ago …

  1. Ben will always be with those who were at the service because the music was beautifully chosen for his style. I will be driving and hear one of the the songs just like “just breathe” and think…yup there is Ben still sharing his music. Ben helped string Grace’s guitar one day and in conversation I had complained that I didn’t have any AC/DC music because they wouldn’t sell themselves to iTunes at the time. So Ben generously down his whole damn music library to get me started. Seriously…I have rocked to AC/DC in summer times because of Ben and will continue to do so. Wendy can you share a few more names of the songs that was at Ben’s service?


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