This Time Last Year

At this exact moment last year, I was likely getting ready for bed.  Nothing unusual happened that day, except for the fact that Ben had gone to visit Dr B to find out the results of his recent MRI which he had due to his chronic back pain.  Of course it had something to do with his previous back injury.  Duh.  The only question was whether or not it required surgery.

I was at work when Ben went to see Dr. B.  I was anxiously waiting to find out whether he needed surgery, and I sent him several texts to find out what Dr. B had to say.  I was praying he didn’t need surgery.

“No surgery” was Ben’s reply to my text.  Yay!!!  I was happy and relieved, and didn’t really think much of it when I got home and noticed that Ben was on the quiet side.  I do know that I was annoyed that he hadn’t unloaded the dishwasher.

How I wish he had needed back surgery to repair a disc.  Instead, this was what happened … (click on D Day)

I should have prayed for back surgery.


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