How A Day Can Turn On A Dime

I finished that last post, and then wandered half heartedly around my back yard thinking about whether or not I had the energy to water my plants.  (I’m trying to grow vegetables this year.)  I decided I didn’t have the energy but had better do it anyway or I will go broke paying Save On prices for organics.

Anyway, when I finished that I walked out the front door to go pick up Raegan, and discovered this sitting on my front step:


A random gift presumably left to cheer me up.  I have no idea who dropped it off, but THANK YOU.  You brought a smile to my face on an otherwise semi-dreary day.


OK … that does look slightly like a grimace of sorts, but I’m a bit out of practice.  I do love that I caught the photo of Ben and I from Christmas in the background though.  Now that was a smile!

I picked Raegan up from volleyball and then stopped to get the mail.  I found this:


Sniff.  Forty people donated to the POG program in Ben’s name.  The program which Dr K referred to as “the future of oncology.”  And here just a couple of hours ago I admitted to having cancelled my automatic donations each month.  Well, didn’t you all just show me! Forty people!  And there were also a lot of donations made to The Last Door in Ben’s name also.  They sent me a list.  There were a few names I didn’t even recognize.  A true testament to how much My Man was loved.  Even in death he continues to make a difference.

I am humbled.  Because he was so loved, I feel loved, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  A pleasant alternative to the feelings from the last few days.

Thank you to the random person who left me flowers, and to all the people who found ways to make a difference in people’s lives and remember Ben at the same time.

Last thing … does everyone recall this tattoo on My Man?

Those are fuzzy pictures taken when the tattoo was pretty fresh, hence all the redness surrounding the shadowing.  Anyway, this is how our beautiful son arrived home tonight:

That’s right … a copy of Ben’s tattoo now sits forever on his son’s arm.  Done by the same artist.

Here they are side by side:

                                          Ben                                                              Zak

Ben would be so proud to share the same tattoo with this boy!  Now I will go to sleep smiling.  How a day can turn on a dime.  xo


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