Belly Laughs

This was so funny I had to link it to my blog.  Belly laughs are rare for me these days, but this video definitely did it.  So thank you to SoFlo.

I think I have dealt with one variation or another of the first girl in the video about 500 times.  Moments like that were right up there with the countless times heard “I pay your wages”  and “I’m going to have your job.”  (Surprise!  I still have it!  Let me know when you’re going to take it, and at the same time you can tell where I can mail your nickel.)

I always wanted to tell those types of people, “Do you know that we all meet at the office at the end of shift and laugh our asses off while we talk about you?”

I would have been fired if there had been social media back when I was on general duty.