Peace Pilgrimage

Well, here we are, day 3 of our peace quest. Maybe it’s just my peace quest – the girls both insist they are fine so I suppose we’ll all find out in about a decade if this trip was helpful to them or “just a trip.” Either way, we are all having a good time. Even the one who hated me for it.

Due to a need to keep costs down, I have managed to get (I think) pretty good deals on hotels so far. Much lower rates than advertised on the hotel sites themselves. Much lower than Trip Advisor too. I call bullshit that they get the lowest rates, by the way.

For fun we have been getting our kicks out of doing silly things like claiming it is Jaime’s birthday at The Cheesecake Factory, just to hear them sing to her.  I tried to post the video clip but for some reason I can’t make it work.  It made Jaime laugh, but there was no free cheesecake!

Speaking of free, we have yet to actually purchase lunches. No, I’m not starving the kids, but our hotels come with breakfast and so we take a little extra breakfast which morphs into lunch a little later in the day. Don’t judge me.

We have left a little bit of Ben in a couple of places:


This picture was taken in Astoria. We hiked for two and a half hours in total, much of it straight up hill! Walking the streets here is like walking in San Francisco, and we started from our hotel which was the lowest point. We climbed straight up for a mile to reach the tower, and then climbed to the top of that. Awesome views and worth the climb!

We also did a river stroll. Good for the soul.

The next day we made it to Cannon Beach which was amazing. I want to come back for an entire weekend. I wish I’d known about this place when Ben was around. This is a prettier beach than Hawaii, I kid you not. The people are lovely, except for the woman who lost her mind and screamed “YOU CAN’T PARK THERRRRRREEE!!!” Twice. Yes, we get it.

And we left Ben’s mark there too…

Today we are off to ride the sand dunes in Florence (hopefully) and then on to California. Livin’ life the way it was meant to be lived, I think.

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