Good Times: Cooking, Cleaning and Sipping Tea

Well not a whole lot new to report. But I thought I would chime in to say hi!

My mom and sister are here visiting. East coast meets west coast fun. I think they are enjoying the sunshine after their hellish east coast winter.

My sister introduced me to David’s Tea and Murchies Tea shops. I’ve always enjoyed the odd cup of tea but mostly stuck to the mainstays like English Breakfast, Green Tea and maybe some Chai once and awhile. Well…the flavours they serve…Pretty awesome. Now I have my own tea cup and measuring spoon. And of course several bags of flavoured teas. Good stuff. I find myself enjoying my teas more than coffee now! Thanks sis!

I’ve been spending a lot of time cooking, and planning meals and shopping for cool cooking shit. We’ve been to the Gourmet Warehouse twice so far and have not come back empty-handed. I picked up a Chef’s knife, sharpener, various spices and seasonings, avocado scooper, mini whisker…and of course I’ve made a mental note of a whole bunch of cookware I’d like to get. I like food and I like cooking so I am having fun – despite being on buckets of meds. Luckily my sister also enjoys the whole process (not the meds) but I am leaving her little room as my sous-chef. She mostly cleans for me. Lol.

Here are some of the meals I’ve prepared so far:

  1. Steak, baked potatoes and veggies…pretty simple I know…delicious though
  2. Thai Green Curry with Rice…delicious
  3. Thai Yellow Curry with Rice…delicious
  4. Pulled Pork…yup…it’s gonna be awesome (Wednesday!) it’s currently absorbing the rub I made for it today and will be ready for the nice and spicy Memphis Heat BBQ Sauce I also made. Can’t forget to pick-up some gluten-free buns.

Wendy and I start the LIFE Program on Wednesday. My sister, Michelle, will be joining us as well. Should be interesting. They cover a wide range of topics over the course of two days. Looking forward to seeing what they have to say – especially about what we can do to increase my odds of survival.

One last thing I need to do is get into my chiropractor ASAP. My sacrum, right hip, ass cheek and IT-Band are killing me. Even with all of the pain meds I’m taking. I think it’s a mechanical issue and I’m hoping that it can be resolved without a manipulation. The oncologist and surgeon told me explicitly – NO MANIPULATION! It could break the sacrum. We wouldn’t want that to happen. Luckily my chiropractor doesn’t only crack backs. He is certified in a number of fields and I’m confident he can relieve some of the pain and recommend some balancing or strengthening exercises I could do. I find it very difficult to walk and it kind of sucks. I walk around like some goofy guy swinging his leg out and hanging onto stuff when I can. It’s kind of embarrassing. It’s not as sexy as say…walking around with a puppy or a newborn. What do you do…

8 thoughts on “Good Times: Cooking, Cleaning and Sipping Tea

  1. Can’t help you with a newborn, but I can get you a puppy!! Well maybe a tattoo of a newborn puppy on your ass is needed??? That just hits all the requirements! Thanks for the update. Was wondering if it was politically correct to give you shit for not blogging as I do check everyday. Patience and P.C. are not my strong points 🙂 Would love to be there to watch you slog around the kitchen preparing culinary delights! Enjoy the pulled pork – sounds delicious.


  2. Avocado scooper? What a good idea – must get myself one. I love green curry. Right. … so thai curry chez vous in two weeks and maybe I sneak out of your house with the avocado scooper! Hey…..I won’t have time to go to Gourmet because I will be visiting with you and indulging in your curry. Red, green, yellow…love ’em all. I will bring the vino!

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  3. I see I have some weird green not so happy looking monster that appears to be my avatar. I never selected that green monster or any avatar. Wtf? How did i get assigned that ugly green thing! Geez

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  4. Hey Ben! First, sorry for taking so long to get on here! You’ve been on our minds (that would be KC and myself) and in our thoughts since we’ve heard about your fight. I’ve read a few of your blogs and just wanted to say you are a true inspiration! Your strength and attitude are awesome. You’re doing an amazing job and know you’re going to kick cancer to the curb! I know you’ve been offered this by many, but I’ll say it anyway, if there’s anything I/we can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask. You’re on our minds and in our prayers. Stay Strong 😊 Tracey (& KC)


  5. Ben, I work with Wendy (just so you know who I am and why I am reading your blog). I wanted to mention that I have found acupuncture to be really helpful along with chiropractors, you might find it helps with your pain and there is no manipulation (just needles lol). I have a great acupuncturist that I go to, she was trained in China as a Neurologist but when she immigrated here 20 years ago, her english wasn’t good enough to practise Neurology in Canada so she does acupuncture. I have referred lots of co-workers to her and they have all found her to be really good. If you are interesting in giving it a try and seeing her I can give you her info, she works in south surrey. Take care.


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