Doctors, doctors, more doctors

Dear Ben,

i-love-you-wall  05147a8ad5d18e387534dadeb3c8a6ebddf424-wm

This morning we are headed downtown for a hearing appointment.  I’m not even really sure why, since Ben is no longer taking Cisplatin (you recall that asshole drug).  But in any case, the appointment was made, so off we go.  From there, Ben will have his blood tested again to check his white blood cell count …. fingers crossed that it is ok.  It will be ok.

images its-going-to-be-okay-640x478

Once we know that his white blood cell count is ok, he will kick back, drink a coffee and get filled with what I like to think of as Nasty Mutant Cell Killer.  Not fun for Ben, but a necessary evil.


On another note, there is a wildly amazing Surprise Number 2, but I’m not going to announce it yet, in the hopes that Ben gets on here and tells you about it himself.  Lets all work on convincing him he needs to write!

All prayer and crossed fingers is welcome today.  Chemo is not easy for Ben, despite being a true superhero.

superhero tearing off his clothes -cool skin

And off we go.

Wendy. xo

5 thoughts on “Doctors, doctors, more doctors

  1. Prayers are being said daily, nightly and in between…..fingers are crossed for Benny to be able to continue with his recovery.To you, Benny….your Dad loves reading your blogs; especially those written by you. It offers him great comfort. So, gather up your energy and skills and write on……xoxo…wishing you a productive day…..


  2. Fingers crossed that all goes well with the next round of chemo. Ben I need to hear your written voice, I miss you❤️❤️❤️❤️ I miss all of you! I despise the distance in miles between our families but know that you are ALWAYS in thoughts.
    I can’t stand not knowing about the surprise, please don’t keep in suspense ! I’ll go crazy…and it’s not a long road😀love ya michelle


  3. All the most positive thoughts to you for chem and eradicating those nasty cells!!! Looking forward to an update from Ben!!! Wait everyday for an update…think about you guys everyday!!


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